Thursday, May 3, 2012

KhmerMusic 3.0 Pink

KhmerMusic is one of the khmer software for controling all songs for mobile in your computer. Just click and drag your mouse a few times, and very easy way you can get all your songs in database and find it immediately.

Download Link

Friday, October 14, 2011

MacUser – November 2011

MacUser is your indispensable guide to choosing and using the latest Mac hardware and software. Every fortnightly issue is packed with the latest Mac news with expert comment, a comprehensive buyer’s guide, extensive reviews, world exclusives and practical guides to getting the best out of your Mac.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Sunday CD Vol. 123 | ទឹកភ្នែកគ្មានអ្នកជូត


១-ទឹកភ្នែកគ្មានអ្នកជូត - សុខ ពិសី [ Download ]
២-ជាតិក្រោយសំុធ្វើជាមនុស្សដែលស្មោះបង - អ៊ីវ៉ា [ Download ]
៣-ចង់វិលរកសង្សារចាស់ - កែវ វាសនា [ Download ]
៤-ធ្វើស្រែរួមគ្នា - ជុំ លីណូ [ Download ]
៥-ហៅការស្រលាញ់មកវិញតាមណា - ហង្ស ឧត្តមម៉ានី  [ Download ]
៦-លាបងថែគេ - សុខ ពិសី [ Download ]
៧-ជាតិរបស់អូន - កែវ វាសនា [ Download ]
៨-បងអ្នកស្មោះស្រលាញ់អូនជាមនុស្សក្បត់ - អ៊ីវ៉ា [ Download ]
៩-ថែខ្លួនផងពេលនៅក្បែរគេ - ជុំ លីណូ [ Download ]
១០-មិនស្រលាញ់កំុហាមចិត្ត - ហង្ស ឧត្តមម៉ានី  [ Download ]


Monday, October 3, 2011

Town CD Vol. 17 | សុំមិនស្គាល់បងល្អជាង


01 – សុំមិនស្គាល់បងល្អជាង​​ - មាស​ សុខសោភា [ Download ]
02 - បើមានថ្មីម្តេចមិនសុំបងបែកគ្នា​ - ករុណាពេជ្រ [ Download ]
03 – ទឹកភ្នែកស្ទាវមិនទាន់សម័យ - ណាំប៉ុណ្ណារត្ន័ [ Download ]
04 – ស្នេហ៏យឺតពេល​ - មាស​ សុខសោភា [ Download ]
05 – ទ្រាំរស់សម្រាប់នឹកអូន​ - ករុណាពេជ្រ [ Download ]
06 – ជិតម៉ោង១២ - ណាំប៉ុណ្ណារត្ន័ [ Download ]
07 – មានទេថ្ងៃស្អែកសម្រាប់អូន? - មាស​ សុខសោភា [ Download ]
08 – ផ្ញើសារសុំលា - ករុណាពេជ្រ [ Download ]
09 – នាងក៏ត្រូវការបង - មាស​ សុខសោភា [ Download ]
10 – រកតែស្អាត - ណាំប៉ុណ្ណារត្ន័ [ Download ]


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bigman CD Vol: 15 | ខឹងគេមិនថែអូន


០១. ខឹងគេមិនថែអូន - ហេង ពិទូ [ Download ]
០២. មិនយល់ចិត្តស្រីដូចគ្នា - សុខ ស្រីនាង [ Download ]
០៣. ទឹកភ្នែកអូនធ្វើឱ្យបងភ្លេចគេ - សូលីដូ [ Download ]
០៤. ដឹងថ្លៃក្បត់ក៏នៅចាំផ្ដល់ឱកាស - សុខ ស្រីនាង [ Download ]
០៥. ទៅស្នេហ៍គេចុះ - ហេង ពិទូ [ Download ]
០៦. បើគេលែងថែ បងសុំជំនួស - សូលីដូ [ Download ]
០៧. ចាំមើល - ហេង ពិទូ [ Download ]
០៨. យំកំដរទឹកភ្នែកបង - សុខ ស្រីនាង [ Download ]
០៩. ចាញ់ត្រង់ស្មោះពេក - សូលីដូ [ Download ]
១០. ត្រៀមចិត្តសម្រាប់ឈឺ - ហេង ពិទូ [ Download ]

Download Bigman CD Vol.15 Full Album

Bigman CD Vol: 14 | ដឹងអត់ថាបងកំពុងនឹកអូន


០១. វេទិកាទេសចរណ៍អាស៊ាន ២០១១ - យុទ្ធ និង ឡែន [ Download ]
០២. ចិត្តបងមិនអាចប្រែថ្មី - ឆាយ វិរះយុទ្ធ [ Download ]
០៣. បើប្រាប់ថាបែកអូនឈឺចាប់ - ស៊ីមិន ថារ៉ូ [ Download ]
០៤. ប្រាប់ផងបើគេធ្វើឱ្យបងឈឺចាប់ - សុផាឡែន [ Download ]
០៥. កុំគិតថាមានតែគេម្នាក់ - ស៊ីមិន ថារ៉ូ [ Download ]
០៦. ដឹងអត់ថាបងកំពុងនឹកអូន - ឆាយ វិរះយុទ្ធ [ Download ]
០៧. ពីមុន - សុផាឡែន [ Download ]
០៨. គិតចិត្តបងផង - ឆាយ វិរះយុទ្ធ [ Download ]
០៩. ដឹងថានឹកតែមិនអាចលះបង់គេ - សុផាឡែន [ Download ]
១០. សង្សារតារា - ឆាយ វិរះយុទ្ធ [ Download ]
១១. តឹងតែងមិនសាកសម - ស៊ីមិន ថារ៉ូ [ Download ]
១២. សូណា - ឆាយ វិរះយុទ្ធ [ Download ]

Download Bigman CD Vol. 14 Full Album

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Angry Birds 3D Game For PC - Free Serial

PC Game | Size:36.05MB

Angry Birds 3D Game for PC

Angry Birds is the most wanted and most downloaded game on Apple iPad, iPhone and Android powered devices. Angry Birds game is a paid game on Apple store and Mac app store but its free version with limited game features is also available for download. However, if you want to play Angry Birds game on your personal computer rather than on smart phone and have been on look out for its free version for PC, then you’re at the right channel now. This article will indicate you where to download this great game for free. The game is absolutely free and offers complete features and ads-free. Angry Birds game is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download Link: birds Rio Portable.rar

Rock Production CD Vol. 119


០១.​ iPhone ផ្តាច់ស្នេហ៏ - ចំរើន [ Download ]
០២. អូនមិនគ្រប់គ្រាន់អោយបងស្រឡាញ់ - Solinka [ Download ]
០៣. រង់ចាំCommentបង - Dalex [ Download ]
០៤. មានអូនគឺគ្រប់គ្រាន់ - Jack [ Download ]
០៥. Baby I Need You - Sokret [ Download ]
០៦.​ ស្នេហ៏សកស្រការ​ - Makara Vuth [ Download ]
០៧. ប្តូរចិត្តស្រឡាញ់ចាស់​ - Solinka [ Download ]
០៨. ពឹងដួងច័ន្ទ - ចំរើន [ Download ]
០៩. Broken Heart Day - Sokret [ Download ]
១០. ចម្លើយមួយណាដែលធ្វើអោយយើងឈឺចាប់ - Jack [ Download ]

Download Full Album

Friday, September 16, 2011

CG.TUTSPLUS - Video Tutorials for 3ds Max (Volume 1)

CG.TUTSPLUS - Video Tutorials for 3ds Max (Volume 1) English | Video: svq3, yuvj420p, 880x660, 263 kb/s | Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, s16 | 2.57 GB Genre: Video training

Cgtuts+ is a source of learning on all aspects of computer graphics. We pump out regular tutorials on Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Blender, Mudbox and more. We cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced CG artists. Our tutorials are the best on the web, hands-down – that’s why over 4 million people visit our network of tutorial sites each month. Whether your dream (or reality) is building CG models, textures and animations for games, movies, commercials, architecture or elsewhere, you’ll learn techniques that you can apply to your projects today.

The Graphite Modeling Tools
3DS MAX 6 EditPoly Modeling Fish
An Introduction to Subdivision (High-Poly)
Modeling Tools and Techniques Array Tutorial
Create An Advanced Drifting Car Rig In 3dsMax
Introduction To 3dsMax
Polygonal Modeling Tool Quickly
Create A Realistic Looking Nokia 5800 In 3dsMax
Using The Xoliul Realtime Viewport Shader In 3dsMax
Exterior Light Modeling - 3D Studio Max Tutorial by Ben Tate
How to Bake a Flawless
Normal Map in 3ds Max
How to Create Cool Hair andFur Effects in 3ds Max
Making Realistic Water in 3ds Max
Model a Detailed High Poly Fire Hydrant in 3ds Max
Model a High-Poly Car Wheel in 3ds Max
Model a High-Poly Roof Hatch in 3ds Max
Model, Paint, and Animate a Realistically Stylized Eye in 3ds Max
Modelling a Walking Bridge Header Next-Gen Weapon
Creation Shingle modeling in 3D studio max

Sink Project
Spacing Tool Using Splines to Add Detail to Your High-Poly
Model in 3ds Max Using Splines to Quickly Create Highly Complex Geometry in 3ds Max

Wire bench
Create an Interactive 3d Model Viewer using 3ds Max and Wirefusion
How to Create a Realistic Candle Scene with 3ds Max and FumeFX Model a High-Poly RPG Rocket Launcher in 3ds Max
Model a Modern Spiral Staircase in 3ds Max Create a Marching Army Animation using Particles in 3ds Max

Download Link:

Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer

Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer Language: English | 800 x 600 | 15 fps | .mov | 957 MB Single Extraction - InterChangable - No Password Genre: eLearning

A unique book-and-video package presented by Java guru Yakov Fain As one of the most popular software languages for building Web applications, Java is often the first programming language developers learn. The latest version includes numerous updates that both novice and experienced developers need to know. With this invaluable book-and-DVD package, Java authority Yakov Fain fully covers Java’s new features as well as its language extensions, classes and class methods, and the Swing Application Framework. For each lesson that he discusses in the book, there is an accompanying instructional video on the DVD to reinforce your learning experience.

Download Link: _akov.part1.rar _akov.part2.rar _akov.part3.rar

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flash Player Pro 4.9.1 Multilingual Portable

Flash Player Pro 4.9.1 Multilingual Portable | 12 MB

Flash Player Pro is a very handy flash tool kit designed to be a Macromedia flash player and manager. Flash Player Pro it has several powerful flash tools: preview and browse flash movie, capture flash image and set it as wallpaper, create flash screensaver with ease, make conversion between SWF and EXE flash movies etc.

All of these features will help you enhance and extend the using possibility of existing flash files. And with friendly user interface, Flash Player Pro offers you a fantastic animated flash world!

Key features of "Flash Player Pro":
· Browse Macromedia flash movies with built-in viewer.
· View or play flash movies with built-in player.
· View or play movies in full screen model.
· Make flash screensaver with a few mouse-click.
· Make flash screensaver installer and distribute it with ease.
· Capture flash movie image and save it.
· Capture flash movie image and set wallpaper.
· Build your own favorite folder, and browse flash movies in it.
· Make conversion between SWF and EXE flash movies.
· Copy or move flash movies to another folder.
· Rename flash movies.

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : English

Download Link: